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[06 Oct 2004|11:57pm]
[ mood | ahhhhhhhhh ]

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh boys and girls are so stupid stupid stupid stuuuuuuuuuuupid
sex is good, people, just DO ME!

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indifference [01 Oct 2004|02:53pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

i want to comment on something that happened last night, but i do not feel annoyed or mad about it. i just want to write it down, or something.
after the puppet debate (the presidential debate), jess jeown (who is a republican) was saying how she hates when people say that they hate bush because he says stupid shit, and that he talks like he is retarded or whatever, but they don't really have a real reason to *hate* him. I agree, people should have extremely valid reasons for hating someone else, hence i said, "Well, Jess, I, for example, don't like him because i disagree with everything he says." THEN, Riannon whips out and says in a real bitch face (to me): "Yeah, but you don't have a say in this because you are not an American citizen." OH SNAP. I felt my blood rising to my head as my brains fought between slapping her in the face or to say something. I was so mad I coulnd't even speak, which later annoyed me even more, because I didn't just say "Bitch, I am a human being and have an opinion, deal with it", or "My country and its people may be more affected than yourslef by the election of YOUR stupid president, or bla bla blah." Instead I just sat there trying to control my fist of going into her face, and I backed away in lack of options of what to do. ANYWAY, everyone was like, wow that was way too harsh, bla blabla, I don't want to even see the beeznatch anymore. Not beause I hate her, just beacuse I have become so indifferent towars her... wow... indifference is a feeling i have never really felt before. It's weird.

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[17 Sep 2004|02:52pm]
oooh well. so i havent written in this shit for like... 3 months. or more. who cares. i'll write if i havethe time. i think it will be nice to have like a poetry/thoughts/weird crap and links with people. but certain people. i will ask around. and erase my previous entries.
OH, HEY, TODAY IS MY BDAY! YAY FOR ME. im 17, im not legal nor cute (not that i ever was, mind ya'll)
ok, i'm out.
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[18 May 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

comment on my fucking last entries, dammit

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sad [08 May 2004|11:30am]
[ mood | depressed ]

i just realized, today it the 1yr and a half anniversary of my father's death. wow, i feel like shit. damn.

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WEFAIL LOVERS [27 Apr 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

ok, so there's this REALLY weird site called WEFAIL. the link is www.wefail.com
it is most strange, and sick but i love it. to some of you weird sickos out there, u should love it too!
the newest one is:

dont go there if u are feeling depressed of moody. but its halair if you go there w/ an open mind. rated less than R but more than PG-13, for mild language. The site is weird, it just have weird images, not kinky, but has weird voices. I dunno how to explain it, but u should check it out, its really halair. do not try to make sense of it, it is supposed to make u go "wtf, mate?"

ahh, "mate" mer, I miss Will. Not so much as Saira the crazy American.  But still. Gah, whatev, ill see him next year.

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bored [25 Apr 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

>So, I'm really bored (aka procrastinating), so I found this list of 'topics' of daily conversation, and I thought it would be fun if I wrote my opinion in EVERY one of them. yaay.
>so, here it goes...
>Abortion :: I'm all about women's choice. Big old men in suits don't know shit about this, so they should NOT be deciding this. anyway, I'm a big believer that before the second trimester, what's inside a pregnant woman, is not a human being, its just a big ball of cells with potential of becoming a human, but then again, having sex is an act whch could potentially spawn a human being, but most people still believe in condoms, the pill, and such. so yeah, i think its her choice, but i think poeple should think it over better after the first 4 months of pregnancy.
>Death Penatly :: I'm pretty confused about this. In one hand I think nobody deserves this, but then, I personally would kill someone who killed my family or something like that. It always depends on the kind of psycho you are dealing with. I honestly don't know. maybe the goverment (gah) should not have a say in this, and the family of the victim should go all Kill Bill on the scum's ass. That would be awesome.
>Prostitution :: Better than begging, but contributing to this society warped view on sex. Butm when you are hungry, you don't fucking care about the rest of the world. It's still sad that people have to turn to THIS as a last resort. People who buy people to sleep with them... most of them are pretty sick, or are too scared to ask a girl for a date. It's sad, that's all.
>Alcohol :: People should be way more responsible about it, man. They need to get in their heads that it doesnt solve your problems (just adds more), and that people can get hurt because of your drinking too much. Other than that, alcohol is great in partys and to have a good fun time, to loosen up a bit, not to forget. It should not be used to forget, it should be used to have good, dirty fun.
>Marijuana :: Should be legal, because that would destroy a lot of evil drug lords. and would make MILLIONS happy. But people should restrain to do it an a purely social enviroment or in their houses.
>Other Drugs :: Other drugs are stronger, they kill your brain and body, hence they should not be legal. Like, you can actually die if you quit, with pot, you think you are gona die, but yoy get over it, but heroin(e?), for example, actually kills you if you quit.
>Gay Marriage :: Pls, everybody knows that I'm all up for it. The ones against should fucking stop making all that noise and let live.
>Illegal Inmigrants :: I am not illegal, but I am firm believer that the world its everybody's. Boundries suck. Everbody  (except the native americans) in the US is an inmigrant in one form or another. and if the goverment hates it so much, they should stop advertising America as a paradise.
>Smoking :: Very bad habit. Very fun habit. I don't mind if people do it. But if you cough 24/7 and you are fucking dying on me, you should quit, man. Socially, its all good, nicotine high to calm yourself down, all good. But if you chain smoke for no reason, that's sad.
>Drunk Driving :: Gah, this is not even an opinion, DON'T DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK.
>Cloning :: Its sick. Im sorry, I really don't like it.
>Racism :: its Stupid. But its out there, every day, all the time. I hate it. But I think it is getting better. I hope. Either that or it will be a mutual, more politcally correct apartheid. I would so hate that.
>Pre Marital Sex :: Since I don't believe in Marriage, all the sex I'll be having will be outside marriage, and I don't feel the least bad about it.
>Religion :: Whatever rocks your boat, but accept other religions and other opinions, and stop ripping people off in those fake churched where everyone screams.
>War in Iraq :: Big fucking circus. That's a lot of poeple killed just for some oil.
>Bush :: Maybe it is not my place, since I am not a US citizen, but hell, that man is dumb.
>Download Music :: The music industry should fucking stop complaining about the millions they are not getting, and should care about caring about the quality of the music. Cause man, there's some really bad shit out there. Intergrity before money. Money is the root of all evil, dude.
>Legal Age of Drinking :: here in the states... I dunno, people seem slower. In Uruguay its 18, and it seems to be working allright. Still, 21 its pretty old, it should be 18. But the driving age should be 20. that way you know what alcohol does to you, and when you are legal to drive, you wont do it drunk.
>Porn :: Again, whatever rocks your boat. Its pretty disgusting and degrading sometimes, but the women who do this to themselves are pretty stupid, so its all the same. Like, its not going away until people start to loosen up and do kinky stuff themselves. so, </font>GET KINKY!!</p>
>Suicide :: = Cowardness
>well, I'm off, sorry for the rambling. and the spelling.
>Bye kiddos

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